happy one year in nyc!

in the ongoing commentary around “time is really weird”, today we celebrate one year since i arrived in astoria! some days it feels like i’ve lived here for years and other days it feels like i just got here but on all days i am grateful to be where i am.

first night in new york! astoria, new york. february 2022.

i have said it many times, but i’m so glad i waited to moved to new york when i did. had i arrived as a recent college graduate i think i would have been overwhelmed by the scope of the city and my lack of my own knowledge of myself. that’s not to say i wouldn’t have made it work, but i do think moving when i did allowed me to be much more grateful for the opportunity and to soak in the experience in a different way.

loved having this friend in town. new york, new york. may 2022.

and it’s wild to think of all that i’ve done in such a short amount of time. in addition to finding and settling into a job, i have: hosted visitors from across the country [and one from canada!]; explored lots of new neighborhoods, eateries, and sights; taken a few weekend excursions; seen a host of musicals, plays, comedy shows, and concerts; attended festivals and fireworks shows; and made new friends and spent time with old ones.

early birthday picnic in the park. new york, new york. june 2022.

but there are still many things i have yet to do. museums i’ve not yet visited, shows i want to see, restaurants i need to try, lots of nooks and crannies to explore. you could live here your entire life and still not do everything, but i am making my priority list for the year to come.

cousin christmas. new york, new york. december 2022.

and now that i have made it through a full year including all four seasons, i can honestly say this is exactly where i want to be. no one knows what the future holds, but i hope to be here for a long time to come.


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