eight reasons i am excited to visit sri lanka.

tomorrow i am heading off to sri lanka for a much-anticipated holiday! i have been looking forward to this trip for months, so today i thought i would share eight reasons i am looking forward to my eight-day holiday.

  1. exploring a new place. sri lanka has intrigued me for a number of years, and i am looking forward to finally having a chance to see it for myself. i want to learn about the history and architecture of the island, and i want to spend some time getting to know a new place.
  2. seafood! i am a big fan of seafood, and i can’t wait to spend the better part of the next week gobbling it all up.
  3. catching up on reading + writing. i have fallen woefully behind on my reading and my journaling. i’ve let work get the best of me, and i was sick for most of last week, so i let those things slide. i plan on using this holiday to get back into both activities.
  4. unplugging. one of the things i am most looking forward to is going off the grid for a few days. i am leaving my laptop at home, i am setting up an out-of-office reply in my email, and i am not doing anything work-related for an entire week. i can’t wait.
  5. train travel. it’s been a long time since i had myself a nice train ride, so i am looking forward to hopping on trains to get myself from colombo to galle and then from galle to kandy. i can’t wait to spend a few hours staring out the window.
  6. staying in a hotel + pampering myself. i’ve booked myself a variety of accommodation, from a shared dorm in a hostel in galle to a nice hotel in colombo. i figure it will be nice to try out a few different kinds of accommodation, and it will also be nice to pamper myself for a few days. my hotel in colombo offers in-room massages, so you better believe i’ll be treating myself to one of those!
  7. meeting new people. one of my favourite parts of travelling is meeting new people, and this trip will be no exception. i will have plenty of time to myself, but i am also hopeful that i will meet some interesting people, particularly in galle and kandy.
  8. a proper holiday. this will be my first full-on holiday since i started working for zaya at the beginning of the year. yes, i had a week off in august for balaji’s wedding, but with multiple events and family in from across the world, it wasn’t necessarily restful. i am looking forward to disconnecting and making my own schedule and just generally relaxing a whole lot over the next week.

the next time you see me, i will hopefully have explored some hidden corners of sri lanka, read at least 3 books, and stuffed my face with lots of yummy food.


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