weekly roundup 31 // 2015.

my favourite photo from the week:

the state central library, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. bangalore, india. september 2015.
the state central library, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. bangalore, india. september 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

lara and zack walked all the way from mexico to canada! well done, friends.

this year, more people have died from accidents while trying to take selfies than from shark attacks. think about that for a second.

rumours are swirling around what serial will be covering during their second season. a panel from the guardian weighs in with their opinions.

some crazy photographs depicting the environmental crisis that is currently happening in africa.

the pope is in dc this week, and he just turned down a lunch with congressional leaders to help serve lunch to homeless people. props to you, pope francis. also, the pope’s address to congress. [in related news, why does john boehner’s face always look like that?]

nap desks are about to become a thing, and i want one.

this guy seems like a pretty cool dad. and i agree, there’s something special about the bond between dads and daughters.

3 things elon musk knows about school. i especially agree with point number 2.

mcdonald’s in the uk is giving away roald dahl books with happy meals. this is amazing.

yesterday rhodes celebrated 90 years in memphis! so happy for my alma mater and wishing i could have been there for the celebrations.

have you heard about the waiting wall on display in a brighton, uk train station?

a father is creating a fund to bridge the gender wage gap between his son and daughter. an interesting read, and i’m curious to know what my friends with children think of this one.

in case you missed it:

celebrating a decade in the garden city.

note: i leave tonight for sri lanka and will be travelling for the next 8 days! there won’t be any new posts next week, but we will return to regularly scheduled programming the week of the 5th.


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