when mini-me comes to town.

sarah recently left after spending two weeks in new york city, and we had a grand time running around while she was here. she stayed a few days with me and then bunked at maggie’s while she was in arkansas, and we somehow managed to stay out of trouble which is honestly a miracle considering most people wouldn’t advise leaving us unsupervised for extended periods of time.

i’m not going to recount all the things we did because i fear it will leave me exhausted, but in summary: we ate lots of great food, we hung out with many cool people, we spent much time in bookshops, we discovered some cool cafés, we walked many steps, and we even saw a broadway show. we did some quintessential tourist things — hello met steps and times square — and we also spent a lot of time exploring astoria and sunnyside and generally enjoying living in the same city again for a while.

every once in a wile we remembered to take photos which you can see below.

there are very few people with whom i can coexist for two weeks, and sarah is at the top of that list. she’s the best, and i can’t wait for her to return.


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