my first nyc race.

when i was planning my move i looked at spring races in the city to make sure i kept up with my running once i got here. i found a 5k and 10k on governors island that sounded like fun and let it percolate while i got settled into the nyc life. i brought it up in conversation with maggie who seemed game to participate, and so this past saturday we made our way to governors island to run the 5k [me] and the 10k [moo].

my run was humid, but luckily it was foggy and there was a breeze. the sun started to come out as i neared the finish, and then i very contentedly ate my post-run bagel while i waited for maggie to finish her second loop.

after we rested for a bit and gathered ourselves, we made our way to taco vista for some chips and salsa [moo] and some chicken tacos [me] with a great view of manhattan. and we made friends with the people who sat down at our table and now have new besties for future races and also apparently real housewives viewing parties. and of course i have already started scouting future races for the fall.

it was super hot by the time we left [got up to 91!], but overall it was a really fun morning. lots of nice views, exploring a new place, a good run for us both, tacos, and new friends.

you can’t ask for much more from a saturday.


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