my first concert at the garden.

madison square garden is one of those iconic arenas, playing host not only to professional sports teams but also concerts and other major events over the years. i know i’ll be there whenever the grizzlies are in town [scheduled for november 27 this year!], but i wasn’t sure how or when i would get to a show.

enter my friend joão who messaged me last week asking if i would be interested in seeing ben platt, so on tuesday night we did just that. unbeknownst to me joão bought us floor seats, so we were pretty much in the middle of the arena and had a great view.

the show was incredible, and we had a great time singing along and checking out which broadway people we could spot in the audience [my big sighting was alex lacamoire!]. my pictures aren’t great, but it was such a fun first concert in the venue. hopefully it won’t be my last.


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