momo crawl 2022.

when i was planning my move to new york city, i did a lot of research on where to get momos in the city. as i was searching, i stumbled upon an annual momo crawl that happens in jackson heights. i immediately started following them on instagram and kept an eye out for when the 2022 edition would happen.

and a few weekends ago, it was finally time for momo crawl 2022.

for $10 you receive a momo passport that includes a map and list of all participating restaurants and food trucks, spots for stamps, information on past winners, and a page where you can cast your own vote for your favorite momo. the passport also entitles you to $1 momos at each of the participating spots, and off you go to stand in lines and try as many momos as you can.

this year there were 31 potential spots on the crawl, but most were centered around 37th rd and roosevelt ave between 74th and 75th streets. lines were long [great problem to have! i loved seeing people enjoying momos] and moved at varying speeds, and in two hours i managed to try 5 different places: delhi heights, phayul, merit kabab, amdo kitchen food truck, and new nepali kitchen. i ate beef momos at each place so i could easily compare them; all of them were delicious, but i think my favorites were delhi heights and merit kabab. but most importantly, i saved my passport so i can slowly try all of the other places to find my favorite momo in new york city.

this is one of those food festivals that feels like it was tailor made for me, and i am already excited thinking about attending again next year.


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