a street art tour in bushwick.

last weekend all of my core nyc people were out of town, so i took advantage of some solo time to cross something off my new york list. i had heard about a walking tour of bushwick’s famous street art years ago and had never managed to do it on a visit and figured this was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

over the course of 2ish hours we walked 2 miles around bushwick, learning about the history of graffiti and street art in new york city, the significance of certain pieces and what they mean to the community, and how bushwick became the central hub in nyc for street artists. our guide mar is an artist himself who has lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, and his deep love of the subject comes through very clearly in the tour.

the tour itself is free, and you can tip your guide however much you see fit. they offer a number of other tours that sound interesting, so perhaps i’ll get to another one soon.


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