taking stock: quarantine, week 1.

while i was attempting to fall asleep last night i thought of some recent advice i had received and started taking stock of all the things i did during week 1 of quarantine and realized this could be an interesting little project during this time. it will evolve each week but will remain mostly the same.

so here we go with all the things i did during week 1 of quarantine.

learning all about artificial intelligence. memphis, tennessee. march 2020.

books finished.

having nights and evenings free means i have lots of extra time for reading, and i finished two books last week.

things watched.

i am trying really hard to not just sit on the couch and get sucked into the tv, but i am allowing myself an episode or two each day and a movie over the weekend. i also downloaded disney+, so this might look a lot different in the weeks to come.

keeping maciel’s in business. memphis, tennessee. march 2020.


one of the things i am prioritizing is getting takeout from some of my favorite local restaurants to make sure they are continuing to get some business. below are the places i got food from last week.

  • kwik chek
  • maciel’s
  • central bbq
  • dwj
  • mulan
  • india palace

local businesses.

in addition to restaurants, i am trying to support local businesses where possible. last weekend was supposed to be the memphis modern market; since it had to be cancelled it was held as a pop-up on instagram instead so i picked up some goodies from that.

donations / volunteering.

there are lots of organizations who need donations right now to keep their essential programs running, so i gave money where i could. sending a huge shoutout to the ymca for taking over meal distribution for shelby county schools students to ensure they will still receive their breakfast and lunch.

  • midsouth food bank
  • dorothy day house
  • lunch for scs students [which i did yesterday on a different laptop and now can’t find the link to, but if i do i will update it!]
  • global cafe meals for healthcare workers
  • wellness checks for mifa seniors [if meals on wheels has to be suspended]
all the bolognese. memphis, tennessee. march 2020.

recipes made.

i didn’t do as much cooking last week as i would have liked, but that will be more of a priority in the coming weeks.

taking advantage of good weather. memphis, tennessee. march 2020.

physical activity.

one thing that is keeping me relatively sane is getting outside for a bit each day for some physical activity. it changes each day based on the weather and my mood, but the fresh air and exercise is doing wonders for my mental health.

  • walked or ran every day except thursday
  • joined key sports’ covid-19 challenge on facebook
porch hangs with these two are my favorite. memphis, tennessee. march 2020.

friend connections.

one small silver lining of all of this is that it has allowed extra time to catch up with friends both near and far. with all of our schedules suddenly being free, it has opened the door for us to connect in new ways.

  • porch dinner with amy
  • facetime dinner date with chris and jessi
  • morning walk with neva
  • porch happy hour at neva and mark’s
  • porch hang with ali
  • porch drinks with chrystal and pat

[realizing these will all have to move to virtual hangs beginning this week. i’m bummed to lose the in-person connection but am looking forward to finding new ways to connect]

house projects.

i have a list of things i’d like to get done around the house these next few weeks and am trying to tackle a few each weekend as i can.

  • changed my sheets
  • moved all the goodwill bags out of my room and into the car

and that’s week 1. stay tuned for what i get myself into this week, and please share ways that you are keeping yourself occupied.

remember: we get through this together.


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