number 500.

i realized back in november when i was in the depths of national novel writing month that i was creeping close to 500 posts on this site. what started as a whim in december 2010 has resulted in over 1,000 blog posts published across two sites. in my first ever post i mentioned that i get distracted by shiny objects and don’t always follow through on things, so the fact that i have stuck with this for 9+ years and nearly 1,100 posts is pretty surprising to me. who knew this was the outlet i always needed?

this blog has seen me through a lot: travels, job changes and unemployment, grad school, relationships and heartbreak, times of happiness and times of uncertainty. some months i’ve written a lot, even posting every day for the entire month of september in 2011. and then there was august 2016 when i posted a whopping one time. or how about june and july 2018 when i posted exactly zero things. those breaks were both important and necessary, and i am lucky that i do this for fun and so can take breaks whenever i need them.

no matter where i’ve lived, be it bangalore or little rock or bombay or memphis, this blog has gone with me. it was with me when i was in middle-of-nowhere nepal for 4.5 weeks, and it was with me while alex and i wandered through angkor wat. it was with me as i explored all that bombay life had to offer, and it remained with me as i searched for my perfect home in bangalore. it was here when i got my job at bridges and on the day i moved into my house.

we’ve been through a lot together, this blog and me. outside of my engagement to dorothy – 13 years going on infinity – it is my longest running relationship. it will never ghost me, it will never break my heart, and it will always have time for me.

somehow it continues to surprise me. i can’t tell you the number of times i have started a post with an idea in my head of how it will be structured, only to find that my fingers type out something completely different to what i had in mind. this post in itself is a great example of that; i had completely different paragraphs already written in my head, but apparently my fingers had their own ideas when it came time to get the words out.

and it has brought me you. whoever you are, wherever you are, however you found me, thank you. thank you for reading my ramblings when you have plenty of other options out in the world. thank you for humoring me when i need to make fun of myself and for supporting me when i needed the encouragement [looking at you, maggie].

it’s been a wild ride, and i look forward to seeing what the next 500 posts bring.


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