monthly recap | september 2019.

september was a bit of a slog – it’s those stupidly high temperatures – but we made it through and i am crossing my fingers for cooler weather in the weeks to come.

2019-09-01 12.40.23
brunch with the work wife. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.
2019-09-07 13.46.13
isn’t she a beaut? washington. september 2019.
2019-09-07 14.43.02
family picture. washington. september 2019.
2019-09-08 14.13.22
so many plants. seattle, washington. september 2019.

september highlights.

jeremy moved in / got to see rbg in little rock / long weekend in tacoma and seattle / bluff city premiere night with christina / cooper-young festival / community foundation night at the shell / exploring new restaurants / fun events around the city / dinner with amy before she heads off for the peace corps / a few family lunches / stamp and postcard show / booked tickets for a few fun trips

2019-09-03 19.23.29
i want to be her friend. little rock, arkansas. september 2019.
2019-09-03 23.35.44
can’t believe how grown up these ladies are. little rock, arkansas. september 2019.
2019-09-14 21.04.22
love my girl jen. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.

september books.

ant farm: and other desperate situations by simon rich. i bought this when i worked at barnes & noble 12 years ago and have carted it around from house to house, so i figured it was time i finally read it. a collection of short stories and snippets, i soared through this one over a few lunches and was quite entertained. i was even more impressed when i realized rich was still in undergrad when it was published.

biased: uncovering the hidden prejudice that shapes what we see, think, and do by jennifer l. eberhardt. this was my second next big idea club read, and it is a great read. eberhardt’s look at the small biases we unknowingly carry around is a heavy read, but it contains so much important information. the work that eberhardt is doing in the world of bias is critical, especially in today’s world, and i learned so much from this book. it’s got a lot in it, and it is entirely worth your time.

the best things i watched.

treated myself to the downton abbey movie. it had some ups and downs, but i loved it and hope there will be a sequel.

2019-09-10 21.13.23
pretending we’re fancy. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.
2019-09-15 13.26.43
papa swami had a birthday! germantown, tennessee. september 2019.
2019-09-19 19.06.37
my students crack me up. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.

the best things i saw on the internet.

i have been watching this video of two toddlers greeting each other on the street every morning.

nine things women couldn’t do as recently as 1971.

how a 6-year-old girl in arkansas convinced a toy company they should start making green army women to go along with the green army men.

societal misogyny has made us judge women more harshly than we might have without it.

the joy of going to a bar alone. i would also add dining alone and going to the movies alone to this list.

yet another reason to love mike conley.

crosstown high school students staged a walkout to discuss needed changes to the school.

michelle williams’ emmy speech was incredible.

even more teenage climate activists you need to be following.

here’s to october and <hopefully> nicer weather.


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