39 of 52 / 2019: all the little things.

sometimes i get really lucky and have one of those weeks that is just great overall, and last week was one of those weeks.

on monday i had my first meal from fix and watched the pilot of bluff city law.

on wednesday jeremy, alex, and i had drinks at catherine & mary’s with molly, went to an art event at the robinson gallery, and then went back to catherine & mary’s for dinner.

on thursday i spoke at our board meeting and then amy and i went to an event at union row before having dinner at kwik check.

on friday we celebrated alex’s six years at bridges with drinks at alchemy, and then she, jeremy, and i had dinner on the bhan thai patio.

on saturday we took the leadership council to jackson to visit the mississippi civil rights museum.

2019-09-29 10.36.45
we definitely need more triangle stamps in our lives. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.
2019-09-29 13.32.41
all the makings of a great brunch. memphis, tennessee. september 2019.

on sunday dillard and i went to the stamp and postcard show at the agricenter; i picked up an order from rei; lauren, jen, and i had a grown up ladies’ brunch; and i treated myself to downton abbey at the movie theater downtown.

last week was one of those really great weeks.


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