40before40 | 2019 update.

around the middle-ish of each year i like to check in to see how i am doing with my 40before40 list. below is the list as it currently stands and how much progress i am making with my goals.

2019-03-12 11.29.35
chopped sandwich with a side of beans. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.
2019-04-10 18.59.08
team motto. memphis, tennessee. april 2019.
2019-05-16 19.58.26-1
first bbq fest in the books. memphis, tennessee. may 2019.
2019-08-05 12.10.07
celebrating our final ascents. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.

the memphis things.

  1. visit the ernest withers gallery.
  2. tour the metal museum.
  3. walk through the mud island riverwalk. [i have strolled through the park a few times for events the last few months but have yet to go through the full thing]
  4. eat at the original gus’s fried chicken in mason, tn.
  5. do a ghost tour at elmwood cemetery.
  6. tour the rock n soul museum.
  7. go ape! at shelby farms.
  8. go to the world championship barbecue cooking contest.
  9. finally eat at payne’s bbq.
  10. go to a 901fc match.
  11. attend a memphis hustle d-league game.
  12. go up to the lookout at bass pro pyramid.
  13. escape from memphis escape rooms.
  14. revisit jerry’s sno cones.
  15. boulder at memphis rox.
  16. watch an imax movie at the pink palace.
  17. do a city tasting tour.
  18. tour the old dominick distillery.
2019-05-18 19.49.08-1
sister reunion. montreal, canada. may 2019.
2019-05-02 16.49.27
friend time. salt late city, utah. may 2019.

and the non-memphis things.

  1. take a brother-sister trip.
  2. go ice skating at rockefeller center.
  3. run one 5k and one 10k each year. [2018: cooper-young 4-miler; st jude 10k]
  4. raise $5000 as a st jude hero. [2018: $1600]
  5. grow my own peppers.
  6. visit one new country each year. [2018: hungary, czech republic, austria; 2019: canada]
  7. visit one new place in the u.s. each year. [2018: montgomery, al; 2019: salt lake city, ut, seattle, wa]
  8. host a fancy party.
  9. cross the 1,200-mile mark on the nike+ running app. [currently at 911.6]
  10. take a cross-country train journey.
  11. take a new-to-me fitness class.
  12. 10-year reunion trip with ellie-bear. [currently planning for 2020!]
  13. learn to [properly] drive a stick shift.
  14. go on a blind date.
  15. finish maya angelou’s autobiographical series. [finished 4 of 7]

as you can see, i’m doing pretty well with my memphis list but have some work to do on the non-memphis things. and i still have spots up for grabs, so let me know if there is anything you think i should add.



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