34 of 52 / 2019: work retreat day.

last week we had our youth department retreat to plan for the new school year. we spent two days discussing leadership styles and goals for the year and ways that we can support one another as we gear up for the new year. and then, on friday morning, we spent a few hours at pinot’s palette eating and drinking and painting as a fun way to wrap up the week.

we all painted a lion walking through a field at sunset, and it was so fun to see everyone’s different interpretation of the initial picture we were given. as kat said, it was its own kind of personality test.

i had never done a “paint-and-sip” but have been intrigued by them for years, so it was fun to finally have the opportunity to try it out. and it was made even more entertaining to hang out with coworkers in a fun and relaxed environment.

2019-08-23 10.54.20
kache’s face says it all. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-23 13.10.57
captures us pretty well. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.

other highlights included: give365 workforce development panel / photo shoot with our students for new marketing and recruitment materials / dinner and drinks with hoover / wine night with pat turns / plunge to expunge just city fundraiser / leadership council orientation / finally got to check out jen’s home / slept for 11 hours!


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