monthly recap | august 2019.

august flew by, and here we already are in mid-september before i’m actually getting this posted. yikes.

2019-08-01 09.01.44
“let’s go, sarah”. millington, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-01 10.36.30
my other happy gal. millington, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-04 14.26.06
brunching with two of my favorites. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-05 12.13.40
a look at the top rope section; we saved it for next time. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.

august highlights.

meeman-shelby forest hike / brunch with lauren and jen / bouldering at memphis rox with sarah / quick nashville visit / work retreat day at pinot’s palette / trolley night with jen / hung out with jack the dog for a few days / jeremy moved in

2019-08-10 20.26.52-1
one of the best. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-17 16.16.13
this boy. nashville, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-18 08.33.28
backseat drivers. nashville, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-18 11.51.12
true love. nashville, tennessee. august 2019.

august books.

a woman is no man by etaf rum. this was a tough one to read, but an important one also. this story of three generations of palestinian-american women gives such great insight into lives of some of america’s residents who are not often written about. i couldn’t relate to the lives of the characters, but i could certainly empathize with them. this was one of my favorite book of the month selections.

the water cure by sarah mackintosh. ellie sent me this for my birthday, and it was a fascinating read. the story of three sisters being raised on an abandoned island to save them from the contamination of men is so weird and so interesting. i must have uttered “what in the world is happening” at least twelve times while reading this book. i had only heard about it in passing, and i’m so glad ellie introduced me to it.

the best things i watched.

august was all about revisiting downton abbey in preparation for the movie to release in mid-september. it is such a soap opera, and i love it.

i also watched when they see us, ava duvernay’s four-part netflix series about the central park five. i yelled a lot and cried in anger and frustration and sadness, but it is an incredible series. it is hard to watch, but so necessary.

2019-08-23 13.10.57
captures us pretty well. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-26 19.48.27-1
monday funday with these two. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-30 08.21.03
look at him. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.
2019-08-30 12.43.31
love a good friday lunch with this lady. memphis, tennessee. august 2019.

the best things on the internet.

a great write-up on vahan, my friend madhav’s company.

why empathy is so important to company culture.

photos of queen elizabeth ii with all 14 british prime ministers she has worked alongside.

home renovations that can actually hurt your resale value.

this james corden segment about mass shootings.

mr. e has slowly been walking the appalachian trail for the last 31 years, and he completed his final segments over the summer.

five abortion providers tell their stories.

so excited about this brunch-finding app. and it was created by a memphis couple!

geeter k-8 school in memphis opened a trauma-informed center for their students, and i am hopeful more local schools follow their example.

this interaction between serena williams and bianca andreescu legit made me tear up.

well this twitter thread is simply delightful.

reactivating our riverfront. so proud of my friends for all of their hard work.

my girl chrystal being a superstar at case western.

have you heard about the 1619 project?

happy september, friends! here’s to college football and [hopefully] cooler weather.


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