35 of 52 / 2019: a few days with a new dog friend.

the best part of having friends with dogs is sometimes they go out of town and need someone to keep an eye on their pups for a few days. enter aunty veen, pup sitter extraordinaire.

last week kate, a friend i know through katie milligan, went out of town for 48 hours and didn’t want to board jack, so through katie i reached out and offered to stay with him. we had a little meet-and-greet on tuesday to make sure we both liked the look of each other, and then i spent thursday and friday nights downtown with him.

needless to say, jack is now on my list of top 5 dogs i’m in love with. he’s super smart and so well trained, and he’s the biggest snuggle monster you’ll ever meet. when i laid down on the couch and told him to come up, he was laid out next to me before i even finished the command.

jack and i had a great few evenings together, and i hope i get to see him again soon.

2019-08-29 20.22.072019-08-29 20.26.212019-08-30 08.21.032019-08-30 23.57.442019-08-31 07.29.05

other highlights included: 4-day work week / kat was in town / spotted jimmy smits shooting a scene for bluff city law / lunch and neighborhood walk with chris and the dogs / trolley night adventures with jen / jeremy moved in / curry bowl lunch / overton park run / brunch with alex / a quick catch-up with julianne


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