snowmageddon, february 2021.

ed note: i want to preface this post with an acknowledgement of the privilege i have to write this. throughout the week of winter weather that memphis experienced, my house retained power and heat throughout, and although our water pressure was reduced, we never lost our supply. i know many others – including some friends – were not as lucky, and i hope that things get restored quickly.

i am an unabashed lover of snow. it probably comes from growing up in the south and not having many opportunities to see it, but i love the snow. i love watching it fall, i love playing in it, i love how pretty and peaceful everything looks when blanketed in snow.

normally we get some flurries each year, but rarely is the ground cold enough for it to stick. more often than not we’ll have a few icy days that don’t do anything except make the roads dangerous, and those are very annoying. but this year. this year we got the most snow i’ve seen since i was 5, and i loved it.

i loved it because it was pretty and peaceful and fun to play in, yes, but i also loved it because i didn’t have to go out in it. i didn’t have to drive anywhere and i had plenty of food at my house, so i was content to watch the snow fall outside my window as i went about my work. and because i live on a residential street that doesn’t see a ton of traffic, i was able to enjoy some pretty unspoiled views for the better part of the week.

i went out for a short walk every day and i made a halfhearted attempt to build a snowman [not as much fun on your own], but mostly i took the opportunity to slow down a little and enjoy my surroundings. maybe i’m nostalgic since i know these are my last few months in this house, but i soaked it in as much as i could.

and on my walks i took lots of photos. many of them are of my car, because that was the best way i could track how deep the snow was, but there are a few others as well. below you will see what snowmageddon 2021 looked like through my eyes.


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