the promise of a saturday morning.

this past weekend chrystal and i were texting about our saturday mornings. i told her about my coworking session with some of the women from an accountability group i am in during which i finished and submitted cover letters for two jobs, and she mentioned having finished a workout and being in the middle of cleaning and sorting through clothes. we both noted now productive we had been, at which time i mentioned loving the promise of a saturday morning and chrystal gave a hearty ditto.

and then i spent much of the day with that running through my head: the promise of a saturday morning. i am not known to be a morning person, and for many years saturdays were my only day to sleep in and be lazy, but that has changed in the last few years. i began realizing how saturday morning set the tone for the rest of my weekend: if i slept in or lazed in bed then i mostly wasted the day and didn’t accomplish anything, but if i got up and did something productive in the morning – no matter how big or small – i generally had more energy and felt better about how i used my day.

i got out of my habit at the end of last year with everything else going on, but i’ve slowly been finding my way back these last few months. it helps to have those weekly coworking sessions and to know there are other people working on their own things in their corners of the world. sometimes i work for an hour, sometimes two. i’ll submit a cover letter or two, research other jobs, follow up on emails, and sometimes even work on a blog post or other personal project. whatever my focus for that day, i know that i only have to work on it for a few hours and then it’s out of my way and i can spend the rest of the day however i want.

i know this routine will change as we slowly emerge from the pandemic and return to evening events and dinners out with friends in the coming months. it will definitely change when i eventually move and need to figure out a new city. but for the time being i am enjoying basking in those saturday morning promises.


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