may 2020: the month of sending a postcard for each day.

finally a challenge i completed with no caveats!

if you have been following this blog for any amount of time you know that i am a prolific postcard writer, even writing one postcard / card every day in 2018. you would think in doing so i would have run out of postcards but nope, i am still steadily collecting them and have a stack of probably 40 remaining.

so with that, may’s challenge seemed pretty straightforward. everyone had been quarantined since mid-march, i had a stack of postcards, and it felt like a good way of reconnecting with people that wasn’t another zoom call.

i was a little delayed sending out the final round of cards because i got caught up in our training week for facilitators, but they have all been mailed out. and although the challenge is over i still have plenty of cards and will be trying to write and send a few more over the coming months.


ed note: the monthly challenges will likely take a break for june and july while i focus on our summer conferences, but i will bring them back in august.

past challenges:

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