the pros + cons of virtual summer conference.

note: this post is meant in good fun and humor. it was written prior to the killing of george floyd and the most recent black lives matter protests. i debated whether or not to post it today, but i need a little levity.

this year our bridge builders summer conferences are going virtual! instead of gathering in person, our students will now join zoom calls to engage in online activities and discussions. it won’t be the same, but it means we are continuing to do our part to maintain social distance and allow people to stay safe and healthy.

a few weeks ago i had some realizations about how this is going to impact me personally this summer, and i thought i would share those today.

showing the students how it’s done. memphis, tennessee. june 2017.

pro: not having to traipse across u of m or for the kingdom in 95-degree memphis heat and humidity to observe activities or get to the tiger den.

con: i’ll have to be more intentional about getting up from my computer and moving around throughout the day.

we made it through june! memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

pro: being in one location and not having to drive all across memphis for the city tour and urban trek and putting crazy amounts of miles on my car.

con: those mileage reimbursement checks were really good for my bank account.

mini-me. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

pro: no crappy food from the tiger den, and more control over my diet.

con: for the first time since i joined bridges, i have to feed myself for the months of june and july.

my sanity. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

pro: set hours and not being on call over the weekend.

con: there’s not one. i’m very excited about this.

this has been and will continue to be a learning experience for all of us. wish us luck, and check in every once in a while to see how we’re doing.


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