march 2020: the month of taking a photo every day.

this one seemed pretty easy at the outset: i was going to new york for 8 days and knew i would be taking plenty of pictures, plus spring in memphis means lots of walks and runs and hikes and pretty flowers and the like.

and then the quarantine happened.

by march 13th we were working from home and spending limited time outside. i had fewer opportunities to photograph things outside the four walls of my house, but i was still determined to hit my goal.

and somehow, i did. there were a lot of random pictures around my neighborhood during my daily walks, and there were one or two throwaway pictures of absolutely mundane things, but i managed 31 straight days of pictures.

some got deleted off my phone because they just weren’t good, but today i am sharing one picture from [nearly] every day in march.


past challenges:

  • january: the month of no dr pepper
  • february: the month of no paying to eat out

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