april 2020: the month of meeting my step goal every day.

this was a great goal at the beginning of 2020, when i had an easter weekend hiking trip and a long weekend boston visit on my calendar.

and then covid-19 happened and we went into ‘safer-at-home’ mode and suddenly i was faced with 30 days of being in my house. but that only meant i had to get creative.

i went for walks every day; some of them were only 10 or 15 minutes, and some of them were hourlong wanderings. i ran a few days a week, including a virtual 5k with can’t stop endurance. once the trails reopened i went for a hike at shelby forest. i got out of my neighborhood and ran or walked along the river, enjoying the breeze and a change of scenery.

i didn’t get my steps every day, though. two sundays in a row it poured, and i took it as a sign that i needed to read on the couch. one day i forgot to check it and wound up being a few hundred steps short. and one day i just didn’t feel like it, so i didn’t.

but you know what? 26 out of 30 days of meeting my step goal in the middle of a global pandemic? i say that’s not too shabby. and so far in may i’ve continued my streak, so that’s something.

past challenges:

  • january: the month of no dr pepper
  • february: the month of no paying to eat out
  • march: the month of taking one photo every day


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