marvelous memphis: alvin ailey dance company.

a few weekends ago the alvin ailey dance company was in town from new york city for three performances at the orpheum. i had missed them when they were here previously, so as soon as the tickets went on sale for this visit i bought a pair and made sure i would be in town for them.

i invited ali to be my date, and we began our evening with a visit to second line for drinks and dinner before heading downtown for the show.

so powerful. memphis, tennessee. february 2020.

i knew a little history of the company but not much about their performances, so it was fun to sit back and be blown away by the dancers. the lineup for saturday night was lazarus i, lazarus ii, and revelations; revelations is their signature act choreographed by alvin ailey himself in 1960, and from the cheers it is often how they close their shows.

as i told kache’ the following day, i loved that it wasn’t your standard ballet performance. yes, there were some of the classic pirouettes and jumps in there, but it was infused with modern dance in a way that came together beautifully. it was a very powerful show, and i am so happy ali and i were able to experience it.


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