16 of 52 / 2019: easter weekend in nashville.

with everything going on the last few months i had not been out of town since my work trip to dallas two months ago. needless to say, my feet were itching like crazy and i was ready for some time with my nashville peeps. lindsay and steve were staying in town with their brood, so the timing worked out well.

love this friend. nashville, tennessee. april 2019.

i knew it was getting close to chrystal moving, but luckily for me she was in town, so i also had the chance to see her. natasha got back from india a week ago and was also free on saturday, so i asked both of them to meet me at jackalope on saturday afternoon for their earth day birthday. as an added bonus, bridges is jackalope’s featured nonprofit for the month of april, so i had my annual lovebird and supported bridge builders at the same time [note: this runs through the end of the month at both locations, so go drink lovebird in our honor!].

2019-04-20 18.32.48
my best guy. nashville, tennessee. april 2019.

after the hockey game ended we made our way home, and once the kids went to bed we ordered food from hattie b’s and caught up before turning in.

2019-04-20 20.24.26
i didn’t hate this. nashville, tennessee. april 2019.

on sunday morning lizzie and i were in charge of hiding easter eggs while everyone else was at church. sarah and peter came over with their girls, and drew and catherine arrived with everett, and then we had a fun egg hunt in the backyard before chowing down on brunch. we played a little cricket after we ate, and then once things wound down a little i hit the road back to memphis.

2019-04-21 10.40.51
love my rugrats. nashville, tennessee. april 2019.

it was so nice to have those two days out of town and to catch up with people i hold near and dear; it was exactly what i needed.

2019-04-21 11.07.01
straight chilling. nashville, tennessee. april 2019.

other highlights included: dinner and drinks with alex / finally met baby toney / work day at edge alley / a veena and riggs day / saw aziz ansari at the cannon center / vasu uncle turned 80 / friend time with brandon / watched a lot of game of thrones / finally watched a few ipl matches


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