17 of 52 / 2019: a veena and riggs day.

brandon had to work last saturday, so he offered to drop riggs off at my house on his way in so that we could spend the day together. i obviously said yes.

she got dropped off around 7.30am and thought she had been left at an empty house, so it was fun surprising her with my presence. she happy-whined for a solid two minutes and brought me three different pairs of shoes in greeting.

once i got myself together, we picked up her leash from bridges and went down to river garden. we ran along the river to tom lee park and back and then hung out at the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. sarah joined us for a coffee and a chat, and then we dropped her home before heading back.

i had to go to a baby shower in the early afternoon, but when i got back we watched game of thrones and cuddled on the futon until brandon picked her up at 4pm.

it was so nice to have a relaxing day to spend with her, and we lucked out with great weather. it was the first time we had run together and she did great, only getting distracted once. i’m hoping for more days like that over the summer; it’s good for me and i hope it’s good for her as well.

2019-04-27 08.27.002019-04-27 08.54.432019-04-27 09.16.082019-04-27 09.27.462019-04-27 09.28.272019-04-27 09.28.332019-04-27 09.33.452019-04-27 10.49.27

2019-04-27 15.16.14.jpg

other highlights included: final week of programming at work / some good meetings to prep for summer and next year / aldo’s and maciel’s lunches / leon bridges concert / a fun night at catherine & mary’s / bridge builders graduation and year-end celebration / porch night / baby shower for keith and trenika / beale street caravan fundraiser at crosstown arts / worked rajun cajun crawfish festival / went to bed at 8.30pm sunday


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