weekly roundup 37 // 2015.

this weekend i am:

not doing much of anything. the next six weeks are going to be crazy, so i am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and catching up on a few things around my house.

strolling through cubbon park. bangalore, india. november 2015.
strolling through cubbon park. bangalore, india. november 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

emma watson interviews malala yousafzai, and the world rejoices.

what cities would look like only lit by stars. this is super cool.

10 awesome things about lucille balli love lucy will forever remain one of my all-time favourite shows.

aziz ansari on [lack of] diversity in hollywood.

this bangalore family drove from india to france, stopping in 11 eleven countries along the way. they seem like cool people.

this week was hedy lamarr’s birthday. if you don’t know who she is, you should learn.

this week i learned that cbgb actually stands for country blue grass & blues, as that was the original intention for the club that eventually launched the careers of the ramones, blondie, and most of the us’ greatest punk artists. who knew.

maggi is back on indian shelves! as someone who continued to eat maggi even while they were banned and lived to tell the tale, i can assure you that they are fine.

a savannah sergeant helped a runner who had fallen cross the finish line of the rock ‘n roll half marathon last week.

as we head into the holiday season, let’s all remember that it is the season of giving. glamour has put together a list of 31 ways to give back this year.

how humans of new york is changing the face of storytelling.

the tennessee aquarium is building a new research and conservation institute on baylor’s campus! while my heart breaks a little [okay, a lot] at the thought of my beloved trustee hall no longer being a fixture on the campus, this is an amazing opportunity for the school to be on the forefront of conservation research in the coming years.

creating a school in the unlikeliest of places.

cultural diversity through the lens of 12 young mixed-race indians, including my friend lobo. an interesting read.

celebrating diwali with my crazies. bangalore, india. november 2015.
celebrating diwali with my crazies. bangalore, india. november 2015.

in case you missed it:

this time last year christina and i were journeying up to green bay to attend the packers-eagles game. it was the first nfl experience for both of us, and it will remain one of the absolute greatest weekends of my life.

and as a side note, here is wishing all of you a happy diwali. thank you for reading and following along, and i wish you all a year of light, love, and prosperity 🙂


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