my packing list for sri lanka.

everyone has different packing needs when they travel, and i make no attempts to profess that i am the best packer. in truth, i’m really not, but i think i do a fairly good job most of the time.

while i don’t pretend this is the most comprehensive list for a trip to sri lanka, it was what i took for my trip. i knew i was travelling during monsoon season, so i traded out a swimsuit for a raincoat and boots. i knew it would be humid, so rather than extra pairs of jeans i opted for loose trousers, skirts, and shorts. and i knew i would probably sweat a lot, so i made sure i had a few extra shirts in case i wanted to change in the middle of the day.

i was also lucky, knowing that i was travelling only for 8 days and so could take enough clothing for the duration of the trip and would not need to worry about laundering anything along the way. this list would look different for long-term travellers who are on the road for a long time and who are going to be experiencing a variety of environments and climates.

so here’s what i took with me.

the clothes:

4 v-neck vintage fit old navy tees; 2 crew neck relaxed fit old navy tees; 2 slouch fit old navy tees; 2 t-shirts; 2 nice-ish tops [i didn’t wear either of these]; 1 chambray button down.

2 pairs of shorts; 1 pair of jeans [these were unnecessary]; 1 skirt; 1 pair of linen trousers; 2 pairs of workout capri leggings; 1 pair of boxers; 1 pair of running shorts.

1 maxi dress.

1 north face rain jacket; 1 cardigan.

1 shawl.

3 pairs of socks; enough undergarments for 9 days [i always like to carry an extra set, just in case. i am my mother’s daughter].

the shoes:

1 pair of teva olowahu sandals; 1 pair of aetrex rain boots; 1 pair of old navy rubber flip-flops.

the gear:

osprey ariel 65l women’s rucksack; pacsafe citysafe ls400 bag; sakroots crossbody handbag; eagle creek packing cubes.

bag for storing dirty laundry [stolen from a hotel years ago]; microfiber towel; growl towel.


phone; kindle paperwhite [note: there is a newer version, but this is the one i own]; nikon d3100 dslr camera + 18-55mm lens; sony cybershot [2009 edition]; universal adapter; various chargers.


three paperbacks; moleskin notebook.

passport / old passport / oci card.

assorted toiletries.

things i picked up there:

a few pairs of printed cotton trousers [not the harem pants, because i look ridiculous in those]; various souvenirs and gifts.

what do you think of my packing list? are you an efficient packer, or do you have a habit of overpacking, like i do from time-to-time?


[note: a few of the links are amazon affiliate links. if you purchase anything through a link, i earn a small commission at no extra charge to you!]

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