life lately // april 2016.

there are a few little bits and bobs happening these days that i thought i would share today.

  1. i’m moving back to the states! it’s a decision that has been a long time in the making, and i am looking forward to being back on home soil for the foreseeable future. i hit the streets of memphis on 7 june.
  2. which means i am also back on the job hunt. looking for jobs is a pain in the ass, but it comes with the territory. i am looking to start something at the beginning of august or september, so i’m not freaking out. yet.
  3. before i leave for the states, i’m going on a 2.5 week trip to malaysia and cambodia. i will finally get to explore penang, i’ll spend some time with a friend of my father’s in melaka, i am checking out phnom penh, and i’m meeting alex in siem reap! i’m excited about my first visit to southeast asia, and i think it will be a fun way to wrap up my time on this side of the world.
  4. in the meantime i am selling all my stuff. if you know of anyone in bangalore on the hunt for a bookshelf, induction cooker, microwave, toaster, or refrigerator, send them my way!
  5. and i am also hitting up all of my favourite restaurants and pubs to say farewell. if you’re up for a drink or a meal, hit me up. it’s going to be a delicious final few months in india.

so that’s what’s going on with me these days. what’s new in your life?


One thought on “life lately // april 2016.

  1. Tim Blight says:

    I’m getting ready to head back to Pakistan! But apart from that, just busy with work etc. Heading back to the states – big move! And sounds like a great holiday planned before that too – have a great time, and safe travels! 😀


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