weekly roundup 14 // 2016.

this weekend i am:

packing and eating and getting rid of stuff. i’m in full on prep mode for the next 2 months!

2016-04-06 21.23.49-1
inside cafe mezzuna. bangalore, india. april 2016.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

jd and turk. ultimate relationship goals.

28 things that happened after the harry potter books ended. i am way too obsessed.

the women who are changing the face of media in afghanistan.

this story of korean parents meeting and exchanging information in the hopes of marrying off their children reminded me so much of indian families.

10 major demographic trends that are impacting the us and the world.

can we bring back perfect strangers?

reality’s midnight cycle tour [steph’s brainchild!] got a great mention in the guardian. i’m hoping there is one when i’m in bombay next month.

have any of you ever been to gourdough’s in austin? after reading geraldine’s review, it is now tops on my list for my next visit to the city.

all the cool creative things happening in april.

an interesting look at the sacrifices immigrant caregivers make to create better lives for their families back home.

how well do you remember steel magnolias? i got 100%, thanks largely in part to all those hours sophomore year of high school spent preparing for our production of it.

a look at why indian parents are flocking to private schools and why they think they are better than the options offered by the government.

what gene wilder thought of his willy wonka costume.

this entire british village is for sale for the low, low price of twenty million pounds. sign me up.

sounds of mumbai. i miss that city.

my girl k-million is all grown up and changing the delta.

2016-04-08 10.18.24
homemade poached eggs for breakfast. bangalore, india. april 2016.

in case you missed it:

everything we did during our long weekend in pondicherry.


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