weekly roundup 15 // 2016.

this weekend i am:

celebrating being finished with work; packing for the next month of travels; and heading to coimbatore on sunday.

2016-04-13 23.04.41-1.jpg

interesting things from around the interwebs:

ellen speaks out about mississippi’s religious freedom act. because ellen always says it best. less hate, more love.

social media posts, particularly on instagram, are now being used as evidence in cases against business people who claim to not have assets. this is kind of crazy.

sookie is coming back to stars hollow!

this photographer has been documenting particular neighbourhoods around the united states for 40 years to show how inner cities have transformed. really cool.

why joy bryant wants people to stop telling her to have kids.

happy 100th birthday, beverly cleary! i read ramona and beezus on tuesday in her honour.

finnish baby boxes are becoming a global phenomenon.

the sleepbus will be a mobile sleep shelter for homeless individuals and families in australia. what an interesting idea.

a case for hillary.

the best harry potter fan fiction theory i’ve heard yet.

the guardian took an in-depth look at comments on their website to see  how readers are interacting with their reporting and their journalists.

introducing google goals. i am intrigued.

is instagram ruining our perception of other people’s lives? and our vacations?

mumford & sons will donate the profits from their upcoming charlotte show to an lgbtq organization. hats off to these guys.

2016-04-13 23.05.30
it’s a good night if i get to spend it wth these three. bangalore, india. april 2016.

in case you missed it:

a post from this time last year about bangalore bus conductors. it’s more interesting that it sounds and almost makes me nostalgic for all my hours spent on buses. almost.


note: i am going to be travelling for the next month, so this will be the last weekly roundup until i return to bangalore in mid-may. however, i’ve got a lot of posts queued up for while i’m gone, so be sure to check those out. full travel recaps will be coming your way in a month!

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