11 of 52 / 2019: amos lee in concert.

in the fall of 2004, i drove over to little rock to see norah jones in concert with catherine. we got there early and were able to hear the opener, a guy named amos lee who neither of us had heard of. he had a really nice voice and a good sense of humor, so i came back and bought his cd.

and then i bought the next one. and then i downloaded all of them, and continued doing so each time he released something new. his voice is mesmerizing, and i liked his lyrics, so i kept listening for years.

and then last fall i got an email that amos lee was coming to the orpheum, and i was ecstatic. he had just released a new album, and i knew i wanted to go. i messaged dillard, because i know she is always down for a show, and lo and behold she and her friend megan had just bought tickets. i managed to get the seat right next to them, and i have quite literally been looking forward to the show for about 5 months.

2019-03-16 20.43.21
amos lee. memphis, tennessee. march 2019.

and this past saturday it finally happened. amos took the stage, as funny and as soulful as ever, and i spent an hour-and-a-half mesmerized once again. he played almost all of my favorites, and that encore of ‘arms of a woman’ was so, so good.

i hope it’s not another 15 years before i get to see him again.

other highlights included: kicking off summer service member interviews / dinner with christina, ryan, and ryan’s girls / farewell drinks for kat / finally got my porch couch / farewell kat dinner at lucky cat / climbing and rappelling trip to tishomingo state park / a few runs in the park


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