veen on the road: work trip to dallas.

2019-02-27 10.42.45
dallas street art. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-27 11.56.14
texas theater. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-28 12.18.08
klyde warren park. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-28 13.32.07
dallas art museum. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-28 14.49.56
katy trail. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-28 16.47.31
my new happy place. dallas, texas. february 2019.
2019-02-28 16.50.54
an original car from the katy train. dallas, texas. february 2019.

at the end of february i had the opportunity to travel to dallas to take part in the civic commons learning journey, joining delegates from akron, detroit, and philadelphia on the adventure.

we spent 2.5 days exploring dallas by public transit, by bicycle and scooter, and on foot, roaming through historic neighborhoods and around downtown to learn how the city is working to revitalize and reimagine its public spaces.

we heard from park directors, city councilors, small business owners, community volunteers, and architects about the time, effort, and partnerships that have gone into building a park over a freeway and creating a beer garden adjacent to a city trail.

we ate delicious food, from waffles and biscuits at oddfellows to goat tacos at bolsa, and we rounded out the visit with a final meal at café momentum, where youth who are being released from juvenile facilities are given the opportunity to be a part of operating a restaurant, from washing dishes to cooking to serving.

it was a wonderful experience, both for the opportunity to meet and learn from others from across the country and for allowing me to be part of such a unique event. i have been joking that i am ruined for all other types of conferences, but we all know i am really only half joking. it was so nice to be out exploring a city as opposed to being cooped up in conference rooms, and i am honored to have been a part.

hopefully now i’ll get invited along on one of the international trips they seem to be fond of taking.


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