8 of 52 / 2019: spring mix at ballet memphis.

real talk: last week kind of sucked. a lot of crappy things happened to people i care about. it rained every. single. day. the week felt like it lasted a month.

but at least i had friday night. i had a quick dinner with vince and sam and then joined my friend jen at ballet memphis for their spring mix performance. she very generously offered me her second ticket, and i was only too happy to take her up on her offer.

i have been to two ballet memphis performances at the orpheum, the nutcracker in december 2016 and peter pan in april 2018, but this was my first visit to their space in overton square. it’s so much more intimate and such a different experience, and i enjoyed it thoroughly.

the spring mix consisted of three different acts, each one focusing on a different aspect of nature. each work was unique and beautiful, and it was a wonderful evening.

it was exactly what i needed to get my mind of all the things that happened, and i am so grateful to jen for inviting me along.

other highlights included: give 365 grant review team orientation / a maciel’s lunch with sarah / some girl time with katie milligan / an india palace lunch on thursday / our last fellows class / two family lunches over the weekend / some good phone calls with great friends

peace out, last week. let’s both agree to move on.


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