the importance of taking time off.

as i have previously mentioned, i took 3 months off from this blog over the summer to focus on work. i work roughly 60 hours a week, give or take, in june and july, and my weekends are spent sleeping, reading, vegging out in front of the television, and getting myself mentally ready to do it all over again.

while writing has always been an outlet for me, i took time away from it over the summer in an attempt to disconnect and be away from computers over the weekends. i read, i colored, i watched tv…i did a lot of things that were not writing because i quite simply didn’t have anything to write. i was burned out and did not have the mental capacity to write, so i didn’t. at one point i wondered to myself if i would return to writing and blogging.

when conference finished and i caught up on sleep, however, i found myself excited to write again. i woke up one day with ideas for 10 different posts in my head and couldn’t get them started fast enough. i realized that i had let the pressure of blogging get to me in the spring, and i couldn’t handle that pressure with everything else i had going on over the summer. once i had some time away to appreciate it again, i was ready to come back.

it was a great reminder for me that every once in a while i need to take a break and give myself the opportunity to miss writing. i know i have a few faithful followers who read nearly every post, but i need to remember that i do this first and foremost for myself. and sometimes myself needs some time off. life happens, and that’s ok.

so here’s to taking breaks, rejuvenating, and remembering why you’re doing a thing in the first place.


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