marvelous memphis: national civil rights museum.

the national civil rights museum is always high on my list of places to take people when they visit memphis. it is an incredibly moving museum, documenting the evolution of racism in the united states from the slave trade through to today, and it packs a powerful punch. the interactive exhibits allow visitors to move through at their own pace and ingest as much or as little information as desired, but i truly believe that everyone who visits leaves as a better, more informed person.

i have visited the museum twice since they completed their renovations a few years ago, and each visit is a new learning experience for me. it would be impossible for me to accurately describe the museum or the emotions it elicits, so all i can really do is leave you with a few photos and urge everyone to visit and see it for yourself.

memphis, tennessee. february 2017.
memphis, tennessee. february 2017.
memphis, tennessee. february 2017.
memphis, tennessee. february 2017.
memphis, tennessee. february 2017.

i promise it is worth it.


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