can i read 100 books this year?

i can’t believe i’m even contemplating this, but i think there’s a chance i can do it. i finished my 85th book of the year on saturday and will finish another 2-4 this week, and i suddenly had the idea that maybe i can finish 100 books before the end of 2021.

never in my wildest dreams did i imagine this would be an attainable goal for me. in all years prior to 2020 i averaged 25-35 books a year. last year i read 67 which i thought was an anomaly and would never happen again. and then this year, between the pandemic and not having a full-time job and access to two library catalogs and rediscovering my love of audio books, i have been barreling through my reads.

i’ll include more in my yearly reading roundup in january, but i’m sharing this year in the hopes i can make it happen.

wish me luck.


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