an update: i did it. i read 100 books this year.

actually, i’m at 101* and figure i’ll finish one more before the year is out. i’ll be posting a full reading roundup in january with my favorites from this year and more information about what the year in reading looked like, but for today i want to celebrate this crazy cool accomplishment.

if you had told me at the beginning of the year that this was even a possibility i very likely would have laughed so hard i cried. the idea of reading 100 books in a year would never have crossed my mind. in fact, it really didn’t until just last month. but then once i had the idea in my head i knew i needed to see it through.

and see it through i did. my official 100th book of the year was the graphic novel i was their american dream by malaka gharib, which i finished on wednesday night, and i felt a very strong sense of accomplishment when i turned the final page.

i can absolutely guarantee i won’t read this many books next year, but it was a fun end-of-year adventure.


*i’m not counting the books i’ve re-read either partially or in full because i was only skimming them for my favorite bits

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