35before35: publish a piece of writing.

lishing an article of some sort has been a pipe dream of mine for a few years. i’ve never been particular about what i wanted to publish, but i wanted to have something out in the world that i had written for someone or something other than this blog.

last year holly, the writer behind the ilovememphis blog, put out a call for contributors to the site. i submitted my name as a lover of words and all things memphis, and while i thought it would be cool to be asked to contribute something, i tried hard not to get my hopes up. i was asked to attend a contributor orientation earlier this year, which was awesome, but i also knew there were a lot of freelancers and professional writers who were also invited, so my opportunities to contribute might be limited.

in the months following holly asked me a few times if i could attend some last-minute events, but i always had conflicts, so my chance continued to get put on hold. finally my patience paid off, and holly asked me write a post about the new artwork in barboro alley.

writing about the artery artwork was really cool, because it gave me the opportunity to interview the vp of marketing, events, and communication for downtown memphis as well as each of the artists who contributed to phase i of the project. it was a really fun opportunity, and above all, i am now able to cross this off my list!

you can read my full article here, if you are interested.


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