the privilege of taking intentional time off.

hello from the world of intentional unemployment!

at the beginning of the year i wrote about my desire to move on professionally and geographically, and i am taking the steps to make that happen. last friday was my final day at my previous job, and i am now in that blissful – for me – time between jobs to rest and refocus.

i had hoped to have a new job secured before leaving my previous one, but the timing didn’t work out that way and that’s okay. i am taking advantage of this in-between to figure out exactly what i’m looking for and how to make it happen.

i realize what an immense privilege it is to intentionally have time off like this, and i am taking full advantage. i am lucky enough to have money saved up and to have a few house-sitting and other side gigs lined up for the summer, so i can spend these next few months focusing on reading, writing, cooking, connecting with others, tackling some house projects, and – oh yes – looking for a new job.

i have had similar breaks between jobs before, and i really appreciate the opportunity to take a breath, shed some baggage, visit friends, and rethink what i want to do and where i want to be. i don’t know yet what my next steps are, but i am very much going to enjoy figuring it out.

here’s to normalizing the in-between.


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