marvelous memphis: gus’s fried chicken.

gus’s fried chicken has held a special place in my heart since my undergrad days of 20 years ago, and i will never tire of eating there. i’ve eaten there at all times of day and night and before events both large and small, and it never lets me down. the chicken is perfectly crispy with a little hint of spice, all of the sides are fantastic, and it is quite simply one of my favorite places in memphis.

i am a gus’s purist, so i only eat at the one downtown. i’ve been to a few of the others, but for me the downtown location is the only location [except, of course, for the original location in mason]. i know they’ve franchised out and there are now gus’s strewn across the country, and while i’m sure they are great in their own right the front st location will forever reign supreme.

in recent years my family has begun having gus’s for lunch on christmas eve, and if that’s not the best tradition i’ve thought of yet then i don’t know what is. i’ll order and pick it up if i’m in the downtown area a few times a month, and every once in a while i’ll break down and order it on door dash. it never fails to hit the spot, and for the price it’s one of the best meals you’ll find in memphis.


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