a fun new project.

at the beginning of the month i started a new project where each morning i post a poll on my instagram stories and then share the results the next day before asking the next question. it started because of a whatsapp group i’m in and i liked it so much i continued doing it.

so far we’ve answered questions about eating pineapple on pizza, what time of day we shower, how we feel about cilantro, and whether or not we make our bed on a daily basis. i have a running list of questions that should last me for a few more months and friends have suggested some as well, so i plan to keep it up for as long as i have things to ask and people keep answering them.

i’ve learned interesting things about my friends, including that i know at least 9 people who prefer cats to dogs and that 12 of my friends are able to wake up as soon as their alarm goes off rather than hitting the snooze button. it has also been fun to read the replies from friends — mitchell in particular has had some great comments and i always look forward to reading his messages.

below are screenshots of some of the ones that garnered the most votes and responses.

feel free to send me more questions to ask!


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