a weekend [mostly] away from my phone.

i have been doing my best to take more intentional time away from my phone of late. some days i do well and other days i spend hours on the color happy app, but this past weekend i issued a new challenge to myself: could i go the better part of the weekend without my phone? and i’m here to say that i could, and i did. with a few exceptions, of course.

on saturday i took my phone with me when i went to pick up my food from hyderabad house so i could listen to podcasts along the way, and i also had a scheduled phone call with a friend that afternoon. on sunday i took it with me for my run to listen to music, and i had a whatsapp video call that night with another friend.

but apart from those instances, it remained on ‘do not disturb’ and stayed tucked away in my bedroom for the better part of saturday and sunday. instead of checking it incessantly, i read a lot, i watched a few movies, i wrote some future posts, i caught up on emails, i folded and put away my laundry, i started working on my farewell cards to my coworkers, and i was more present for our final leadership council meeting of the year.

i checked it periodically to make sure i hadn’t missed anything important from my parents, but otherwise i didn’t really read or respond to messages. every so often i would catch myself thinking i wanted it to look something up, but after a minute the impulse would pass and i would forget about it again.

in the end i spent about an hour on my phone each day, and it was pretty great. i didn’t really miss anything, and i definitely plan to do this experiment more often.

have you ever tried something like this?


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