august 2020: the month of no online shopping.

after a break for june and july i am back with my most recent monthly challenge: no online shopping!

i am not a shopping addict by any means, but in the last 5 months i’ve been buying a lot of things from small businesses and creatives to do my part in supporting them. it’s been a candle here and a print there and the occasional t-shirt, but it’s added up over the last 5 months and that combined with our recent pay cut meant i needed to take a little breather.

and i am proud to say i did it. there were plenty of things i saw that i would have like to purchase [the fbi agent in my phone is really good at the targeted instagram ads] and tickets to a few events that i skipped over, but for the most part it wasn’t that bad. katie gave me a stack of books as she was preparing for her move, so i wasn’t tempted to buy any books. i have enough candles to last me a few more months. i have no more space in my t-shirt drawer to add any more. and until i frame and hang the prints i have i don’t need to bring home any more.

the upside of no online purchases is that i have a better idea of what my finances are going to look like for the next few months. the downside is it’s going to continue to be tight for the foreseeable future, so i am going to have to be a little more thoughtful about my purchases.

and now for september, i’m going to pretend i will be posting something – anything – everyday this month. wish me luck!


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