taking stock: quarantine, week 5.

i’ll be honest, i struggled a lot last week. it was the week i really started to feel closed in, but a few breaks to stroll along the river helped me out a lot. it was also supposed to be the week i was going to boston to see lauren and sam, so i was bummed about missing that trip as well.

i love friends who also love harry potter. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

things read.

it was a full-on harry potter week. i normally take a break between each of the books, but i went straight from 5 to 6 to stay in the thick of the story.

  • harry potter and the order of the phoenix by j.k. rowling
  • harry potter and the half-blood prince by j.k. rowling
  • this article by grace farris about having to live apart from her children while she takes care of covid patients

things watched.

another week where i didn’t watch anything. i honestly can’t remember the last time our television was turned on.

oh, gus’s. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

supporting memphis / small businesses.

  • got a honeysuckle jasmine candle from leah sweet ceramics via the memphis modern market pop up
  • new running shoes from grivet outdoors!
  • india palace, kwik chek, dwj, gus’s, huey’s. it was a good week for my stomach
let’s eat. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

recipes made.

i took advantage of a rainy sunday and got back into the cooking groove.

scenes from a morning walk. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

physical activity.

  • a long walk every day, including an hourlong walk along the river on wednesday that did so much for my headspace
  • ran the butler street stairs [my goal is to add to it each week]
  • 20-minute run along the river on friday afternoon [gotta break in those new running shoes!]
  • oliver lee’s 20-minute bodyweight strength class on the peloton app [i really liked this one!]
  • bailey brown’s 9-minute standing abs workout [this was ok; i should have done a stretching session after]
happy place. memphis, tennessee. april 2020.

friend connections.

  • zoom call with my rhodes trivia team
  • quick chat with corrinne to gush about our new running shoes
  • another instagram live cooking class with my molly sister
  • whatsapp chat with best friend sastri
  • a long walk with chrystal and pat [we stayed 6+ feet apart, and i wore my mask the whole time] that included a gorgeous memphis sunset
  • quick chat with sarah because i needed to share some funny news

house projects.

nothing too crazy. all of my free time was spent at hogwarts.

  • changed my sheets and did my laundry, both of which i’m counting as wins

this week doesn’t have anything big i’m having to miss, so hopefully it will look a little better. and hopefully the weather holds.


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