26 of 52 / 2019: leslie odom jr concert.

as huge hamilton fans, dillard and i were thrilled when we heard leslie odom jr would be coming to memphis to perform before the annual orpheum gala. we were less than thrilled to learn the price tag for the gala was $300. however, our tides turned when we found out leslie’s concert was open to the public for a much better price of $30, so we snatched up our tickets as soon as the presale opened.

on the night of the concert we made our way downtown and were blown away by all the things. the symphony opened the night with a spectacular performance led by their new assistant conductor. when they finished, leslie came out on stage and began with “wait for it” and practically brought me to tears.

2019-06-28 20.04.57
leslie odom, jr. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

he sang a combination of old school covers, songs from his holiday album, and the hamilton staples, but maybe my favorite of the night was his closing encore of without you from rent. not ashamed to admit i shed a tear during that one.

throughout the night dillard and i had been plotting how to get into the gala, so when the performance ended we followed the crowd and figured we would see how far we made it. turns out we made it all the way into the gala! we got a drink, filled our plates with food, and while dillard caught up with a friend i made some new ones. and then for dessert we somehow made it into the vip section and ate all the desserts the others were wasting. and then on the way out we got a parting gift.

it was such a fun night, from the music to the adventures to all the food, and there’s no one else i would have wanted to share it with.

2019-06-28 19.32.53
orpheum date. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

other highlights included: final week of 12th graders / sneak peek night at saltwater crab / kat came home for a few days / sleepover with chris and jessi / early birthday lunch with the fam / friend time with katie and alex


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