monthly recap | june 2019.

i say this every year when we get to summer conference, but june flew by. the days are long but the weeks are short, and we are already halfway finished with summer.

2019-06-09 13.37.39
welcoming new friends to town. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-15 12.25.14
puppy cuddles. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-02 20.00.30
never a dull moment with this guy back in town. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

june highlights.

lots of pool days. visits from family. made it through three weeks of senior conference. a weekend with solomon. my last momos. adam grant liked one of my tweets. slumber party with riggs. attended saltwater crab’s sneak peek night. kat was in town. ran into an old friend on the street [quite literally]. leslie odom jr concert. snuck into the orpheum gala. thruple day with chris and jessi. early birthday lunch.

2019-06-04 19.53.33-2
running views. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-10 14.41.59
poster girl for bridge builders. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-22 10.49.27
my heart. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-24 19.27.22
living our best influencer lives. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

june books.

the bride test by helen hoang. hoang’s second novel had tons of buzz surrounding it before it even came out, so i wasted no time selecting it as my book of the month. the story of esme and khai was cute and quirky while also navigating issues of autism, arranged marriage, and cultural differences, and i enjoyed it very much. definitely going to read the kiss quotient, her first novel, at some point soon.

the best things i watched.

the unauthorized bash brothers experience from the lonely island guys is kind of amazing.

and on that note so are 7 days in hell

and tour de pharmacy.

also watched both seasons of fleabag and am obsessed.

2019-06-27 20.11.20
when you run into your childhood friend in your neighborhood. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-28 16.21.49
we made it through june! memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-28 19.32.53
orpheum date. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.
2019-06-28 20.04.57
leslie odom, jr. memphis, tennessee. june 2019.

the best things on the internet.

this video of a father having a full on conversation with his kid will make your day.

this high school student who is using her sport as a platform for a bigger cause.

queen elizabeth ii has met with 12 of the last 13 u.s. presidents, which i think is pretty rad.

canada is making a move to ban single-use plastics.

my boy marc gasol finally got his nba championship.

looking at the correlation of household income inequality and the education system.

ok but seriously, how are we still not paying the u.s. women’s national team the same as the men?

thank you, ann friedman, for pointing me to this animated knots website. i just watched videos of knots being tied for 20 minutes and am feeling so relaxed right now.

an obituary written in honor of the grizzlies core four. i’ll never forget them.

the most commonly spoken language – after english and spanish – in every state.

india is running out of water.

in may i was shocked and saddened to hear of rachel jones’, the blogger behind hippie in heels, passing. rachel wrote at length about her experiences living in and traveling around india and also published my own guides to bangalore and memphis. she was so personable, responding to every comment and email, and i enjoyed our many interactions these last 5+ years. rachel’s family published a wonderful post last week about the future of the site and their plans for carrying on her legacy.

women having a terrible time at parties in western art history” is giving me life right now. you’re making us be three people and we don’t want that.

here’s to a happy july.


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