25 of 52 / 2019: pups and pools.

during my summer i keep it pretty simple, and my weekends usually consist of puppy time and pool time. i spend the entire week talking to students, service members, parents, and community partners, and by the time friday night rolls around i need quiet and solitude.

this past saturday was pretty much my ideal summer weekend day. riggs and i went for a walk and then took a nap on the futon. we got some lunch, watched a little tv, and took another nap. after she got picked up i went to dillard’s house to catch up with her, spend some time in the pool, and play with her new puppy linus.

outside of the two dogs, dillard, rich, and brandon, i didn’t speak to anyone else for the entire day, and it was actually kind of perfect.

other highlights included: finished watching fleabag / another week of completing all of my runs / lunch with lauren / spray painted the walls for junior conference


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