21 of 52 / 2019: happy 200, memphis.

last wednesday was memphis’ bicentennial. that’s right, our beautiful bluff city is officially 200 years old, which is fairly old for the states but still very young compared to most of the rest of the world.

there were a ton of events last week to celebrate the city, and while i did not make it to any of them, on wednesday sarah and i took a little field trip out to mud island park to check out the new memphis sign and to celebrate our city.

the memphis river parks partnership worked with youngblood studio to design, create, and install 50-foot tall letters spelling out our city’s name. with their placement on mud island, you can see the city skyline behind the letters and people – sarah and myself included – have already gone crazy over instagramming them.

we had the park mostly to ourselves once a few news crews cleared out, and we took a few minutes to reflect on the all the things memphis has given both of us over the years. for me that list includes life, a great education, a home, a career, wonderful friends, awesome food, and an incredible nearly 19 years.

2019-05-22 17.10.05-22019-05-22 17.10.132019-05-22 17.10.492019-05-22 17.12.01

other highlights included: wrapped up my time in canada with the devaraj sisters / short work week / alex’s birthday dinner / early farewell dinner for lauren / dinner with jeremy / first porch party of 2019 / first pool party of 2019 / meg, ryan, and charlotte came to visit


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