20 of 52 / 2019: a trip down memory lane.

i recently moved the last of my things from my parents’ house to mine, which means i have been sorting through boxes and bins to determine what needed to be displayed and what needed to be stored in the attic.

i have sorted through old clothes, books i forgot i owned, and stuffed animals from every part of my childhood. i rediscovered my baby book, a few baby teeth, and so many hilarious pictures i lost count.

proof that i once wore tutus and makeup.

one of the best things i discovered was how much i resembled my mother as a child. when i was younger people always told me i looked directly descended from my father’s side of the family, but a picture of me at 4 and one of my mother at the same age side-by-side give the story another dimension. even if i wanted to, there’s no denying i’m hers.

those genes are strong.

and please note how present her mama swami face was even at the age of 4!

other highlights included: worked for fran / an upcoming ilovememphis piece / finally got my art piece hung up / so much time with the doggos / my first visit to bbq fest / sister time with three of my favorites.


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