6 of 52 / 2019: mother-daughter grizzlies date.

my mother and i have season tickets together for the grizzlies, but because of our schedules we’ve not been to a game together since december [i think?]. this last saturday we were able to finally have a mother-daughter game date, and we had a blast.

2019-02-09 17.04.07
enjoying her pineapple soda. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

i had to work on saturday, so my father dropped my mother off at my office around 4.45 and we headed to maciel’s for some tacos. i love that place so much, and mr manny is one of the sweetest people ever. i had a pastor taco and a chorizo taco, and my mother had a pineapple soda to keep me company.

2019-02-09 17.04.17
comfort food at its best. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

it was wrestling night at the forum, so we got there early to get our scarves. we both took mini naps during the warmups to get ourselves ready and were awake and ready to yell by the time tip-off rolled around.

2019-02-09 17.42.58-1
favorite date. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

this was the first home game since marc gasol got traded, and it was so weird to see the intro video without him. the team is definitely still getting to know one another, but they did really well on saturday and pulled off the win [even with the refs calling all the bogus calls against us].

2019-02-09 19.34.47
with her new best friends. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

but the highlight of the night for both of us were the 10-year-olds sitting next to us. they were hilarious, roasting all the players and cheering at the top of their lungs for joakhim noah. my mother, notorious for her naps on wrestling night, was awake and laughing for the entire game.

it’s going to be a few weeks before we get to a game again, so i was very glad to have the time with her. and i especially loved the entertainment next to us.

other highlights included: quiet evenings at home / a riggs sleepover / day trip to nashville with some of our students / homemade chili dinner / inherited a lot of things from kat’s house / ladies lunch with lauren and jen


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